T-305E High Voltage Surge Generator

The T-305E high voltage surge generator, is used for locating high impedance and flashing faults on distribution cables. It works in conjunction with a cable fault locator for pre-locating the fault position and then with a pinpointer to find the precise fault location.  It is applicable for different cable fault location techniques, such as the impulse current method (ICM) and the secondary/multiple impulse method (SIM/MIM).

(Top view of the control panel)

The equipment consists of a capacitor bank, an in-built voltage transformer and a rectifier, switchable to achieve different capacitance and voltage levels. When the unit is switched-off, its automatic and manual discharge facilities removes any residual capacitive charge. Additional Earth/Ground detection circuitry, blocks the operation of the unit if an effective Earth/Ground connection is not in place. These features, together with safety interlocking, ensure safe, reliable and easy-to-use operation.

The T-305E also provides repetitive discharges pinpointing to facilitate pinpointing through the detection of the magnetic field and audio signals related to the fault discharging.


Technical Data

Mains Supply 220V ± 10%                                                                                  (110V available through step-up transformer)
Mains Frequency 50/60Hz ± 20%
Maximum Power Consumption 1500W
Operating Modes Single pulse, Cyclic pulse, DC
Surge Steps 1024J (option 2048J)
Surge Voltage 0 – 32kV; 0 – 16kV; 0 – 8 kV
DC Test (Kv)/Ma 0…32kV / 160mA (option 300mA)
Negative polarity
Rated Capacitance 2µF (0 -32kV), 8µF (0 – 16kV),  16µF (0 -8kV)
Pulse Ratio (Seconds) 4 – 30s
Mode Of Operation DC / single impulse /           multiple impulse
Discharge Period 4 – 15 s. Continuously adjustable
Testing Method ICM, SIM/MIM
Dimensions 500 x 400 x 960mm
Weight 70kg
Operating Temperature -10 – +40oC
Storage Temperature -40 – +60oC
Operating Relative Humidity 20% – 90% relative humidity
Operating Altitude 1000m and below
Operating Atmospheric Pressure 86 – 106kPa


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