T-RM5000 Insulation Resistance Tester

The T-RM 5000 Insulation Resistance Tester performs local insulation tests to confirm the with-stand level and determine the absorption ratio and polarization index of capacitive samples. Typical applications include cables, transformers, motors / generators, circuit breakers and bushings. The -unit has a compact structure, easy operation, built-in rechargeable battery, and can also be equipped with ordinary batteries. T-RM 5000 type resistance measurement can reach up to 50GΩ.

The instrument has a clear liquid crystal display, showing the insulation resistance reading as a digital display function. The conventional voltage setting is available in 500V, 1000V, 2500V, 5000V steps and can be fine-tuned in with adjustment steps of 50V.

T-RM5000 Insulation Resistance Tester – 5kV


  • Performs IR, DAR & PI tests
  • Measures up to 50GΩ
  • Operates from battery or a.c. mains supply
  • Rapid charge Li-ion battery and will work from conventional batteries
  • Unique design with digital display
  • Environmental protection rating of IP65 with the case closed, eliminates moisture and dust ingress

Technical data

Test Voltage DC: 500V, 1000V, 2500V, 5000V

Increased by 50V step

Voltage Precision Error: ±2% ±1V(0 – 30℃)
Measurement Insulation resistance, Dielectric absorption ratio, polarisation index displays the change process of the above and also capacitance data.
Insulation Resistance Range 500kΩ -500GΩ
Insulation Resistance Precision ±5%






1MΩ – 50GΩ @ 5000V

1MΩ – 5GΩ @ 500V

500kΩ – 1MΩ @ 5000V

50GΩ – 500GΩ @ 5000V

500kΩ – 1MΩ @ 500V

5GΩ – 50GΩ @ 500V

Max Short-circuit Current 6mA
Capacitance Range 0.1µF – 10µF
Capacitance Precision ±5% ±0.03µF(0 – 30℃)
Capacitor Charging Rate <1.5 sec/µF, up to 5000V
Capacitor Discharging Rate <1sec/µF, less than 50V after discharging
Power Input AC 220V 50/60Hz for charging
Battery Life operating time up to 16 hours on 1GΩ resistance; N. 8 two NiMH rechargeable batteries
Display Digital Large LCD display with backlight
Dimensions 50 x 30 x 25cm
Weight 7.5kg
Scope of Supply:  T-RM 5000 kit, Power cord, HV lead, Earthing lead, Ground lead, rechargeable batteries and manual.

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