PZG Intelligent Fault Passage Indicator

The PZG series distribution line fault locating system comprises three acquisition units (one per phase), and a pole-mounted collection unit, it is installed on distribution lines to measure current and voltage. It operates as a distribution automation master station during the regular operation of distribution lines and detects overcurrent and earth fault. During normal operation it provides, real-time values of the operating parameters giving the status of the system. In the event of a fault, the system gives a visible, flashing indication of the passage of fault current, whilst collecting data to locate the fault and saves waveforms in Comtrade format for subsequent analysis. It will also monitor and provide measurements of current and voltage.

This data can then be used for automated fast supply restoration, or can be transmitted to a remote master station for appropriate action to be taken. The acquisition units can be powered from a line-mounted VT or from a solar panel. These are backed-up with a super-capacitor and a lithium ion battery to ensure that the equipment continues to operate under all conditions. The collection unit has two options available, these are either; a capacitor voltage-divider with a supercapacitor as backup; or, a solar panel with a rechargeable lithium battery as backup.

The PZG series of distribution line fault location device is ideal for 6kV- 35kV distribution networks, including those with unearthed neutral points, arc suppression coil earthing and systems with low resistance earthing.


• Suitable for low earth current, including resistance earthed systems and cables
• Fault detection and indication. Measurements are made based on changes in current and
are thus free from line load fluctuations
• The system is immune to cold start detection, transformer inrush and the impact of largescale
motor input currents, avoiding false alarms under such normal operating systems
• Instantaneous earth fault detection and indication using automatic acquisition and
derivation of zero-sequence current information and waveforms
• In addition to continuous three-phase load current measurement, the system also measures
voltage, switch status and temperature. This data can be uploaded wirelessly to a remote
master station
• Event logging is supported through the local cyclical storage facility to keep historical data of
system events, logged with appropriate time tags
• Fault records are stored in Comtrade file format. Data is saved cyclically, and stored when
appropriate triggers occur. Information can be uploaded wirelessly to a master station on
• Remote configuration, upgrading, and other maintenance features are provided

Technical characteristics

• Advanced technology
− Optical fibre or wireless analogue signal transmission
− High precision, wide band current measurement and fault detection
− Fully insulated, high temperature resistance and protection against secondary opencircuits
• Functionality
− Event detection, fault location, automation, fault recording and other functions in
one device
• Highly reliable power supply
− Acquisition unit with highly-efficient self-powered technology and high-performance
lithium battery, combined with ultra-low power design (<5A load power)
− Unit comprises power and voltage sensing devices and a power supply with highdensity
super capacitor backup
• Unique mechanical structure
− Clear, flashing line and earth fault indication with 360 ° visibility from the ground
− Compact design, charged loading and unloading, flexible deployment
• Designed for lightning protection and electromagnetic interference to IEC standard level IV

Technical data

PZG-200J Installation:

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